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Control Technologies for Green Buildings In South Florida

At Smart Building Solutions, We Are Leading the Way in Innovative Building Automation for Enhanced User Experiences and Sustainable Living

Engineering and Building Automation

Our Engineering and Building Automation services employ state-of-the-art Building Management Systems (BMS) and Energy Management Systems (EMS), crucial in the modern landscape of building management. These systems, enhanced with top leading technologies like Delta Controls, ABB and Lynxspring, are tailored to boost building efficiency and sustainability. Our approach combines advanced engineering and design with data analytics, optimizing energy usage and building performance, particularly in diverse environments like South Florida.


With an emphasis on creating smart, responsive spaces, these services prioritize sustainability and occupant comfort. The integration of ABB's variable frequency drives (VFDs) ensures that our building automation solutions are not only efficient but also adaptable to the local climate and environmental conditions. This results in buildings that are functional, comfortable, and in harmony with their surroundings.

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Energy Management and Optimization

Our Energy Management and Optimization services are uniquely designed to enhance efficiency and reduce costs in facilities across South Florida. Utilizing a suite of advanced technologies, such as ABB, Lynxspring and Delta Controls, combined with smart metering and real-time analytics, we tailor energy strategies that specifically address each client’s needs.


Our approach leverages the power of  cutting-edge systems like Lynxspring and ABB systems, ensuring precise energy usage control. This not only leads to cost savings but also promotes sustainable energy practices, adapting seamlessly to the varying demands of different environments.

Preventive Maintenance Programs

Our Preventive Maintenance Programs stand out for their proactive approach to equipment care, ensuring reliability and longevity. With a team of highly skilled technicians trained in leading technologies like Delta Controls, ABB and Lynxspring, we offer unparalleled service quality. 


Our experts utilize advanced tools, including predictive analytics, to preemptively address potential issues, maintaining operational continuity and efficiency. By integrating innovative solutions such as ABB VFDs, our maintenance programs not only fit within your budget but also enhance overall system performance, providing a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for maintaining and optimizing your facilities.

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and let's build a greener future in South Florida.

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